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3 Factors to Evaluate Your Keywords


  • Relevance: Keywords should direct users to your app — but when they find your app, they shouldn’t wonder how yours got on the list. Don’t waste valuable space listing irrelevant keywords just because you see them trending. You might appear in search results, but most users will scroll right by (or worse, make a note that you’re using questionable ASO strategies).

  • Competition Level: With millions of apps comes lots of competition… for certain keywords. If it’s too difficult to rank for a keyword (i.e. you aren’t confident you can make it into the top 25 or top 50 for a given term), you might want to drop that keyword and use something else.

  • Traffic: How much traffic a keyword gets equates to how many users are searching for the term (search volume). You might rank #1 for something, but if only 100 people are searching for it, you might want to use other keywords instead. (An important note: most services scrape “traffic” from the web, not the app stores themselves. That means that online tools aren’t giving you actual app store search volume. Keep this caveat in mind when citing these numbers)

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