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— This is the place on the web where the API lives. Here, we’re using Wikipedia as an example, but you can replace this first part with the URL of any MediaWiki installation.
action=query — fetch the data requested in the rest of the URL.
list=backlinks — list pages that link to a specific page.
bltitle=Star%20Wars — the specific page with the title “Star Wars” (note that %20 represents a space).
bllimit=10 — limit to 10 results.
I simply took one of the default examples listed in the API documentation and made only minor changes to gather the information that I was interested in seeing.

Here Only Needed Item Declare So More Info :

Search Data :

title is encoded mode.

search On data Pageid:



With xml & JSON data with image: format=xml

Data with url :

ALL DATA :|info|revisions|pageimages|images&exintro=175&explaintext=&titles=Star%20Wars&meta=userinfo



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