Nested Scrollview Inside RecyclerView not triggering onscrolllistener (Paggination) when scrolling down/ pagination in nestedscrollview android

January 01, 2018 , 0 Comments

Hi Friends, Now a days i facing problem.

Nested Scrollview Inside RecyclerView Continue Trigger or Not Trigger.

For Paggination You can Use previous Tutorials,

Here Solution is Recycler loading removed and Give Scrolllistioner on nestedscroll.

-----------------------------SNIPPET CODE ----------------------------------

nestedScrollviewObject.setOnScrollChangeListener(new NestedScrollView.OnScrollChangeListener() {
public void onScrollChange(NestedScrollView v, int scrollX, int scrollY, int oldScrollX, int oldScrollY) {
if (v.getChildAt(v.getChildCount() - 1) != null) {
if ((scrollY >= (v.getChildAt(v.getChildCount() - 1).getMeasuredHeight() - v.getMeasuredHeight())) &&scrollY > oldScrollY) {



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