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Introduction & Why to Use Firebase Crashlytics

50% of the reviews of a star in the Play Store has to do with stability and errors; on the other hand, 60% of the five-star reviews make mention of speed, design or usability. the experience is profitable and is stable. Once you submit your application to nature, you have real users who use the application, Firebase has tools like Performance Monitoring and Crashlytics that allow you to understand the end user experience in production.

Firebase Crashlytics is now available to all Firebase developers. So, if you are an existing FireBase developer, try Crashlytics and update.

Let's talk a bit about what this means for Crashlytics to be available at Firebase. Because, as many of you know, Crashlytics is the leader in the bug reporting market used by hundreds of thousands of developers of their applications and installed in more than 2.5 billion devices, but what Firebase can do Now if you bring Crashlytics to a unified console so it can work better together with all other Firebase products.

Firebase made sure to keep the installation process amazingly simple. Therefore, if you use Gradle on Android or CocoaPods on iOS, and you want to install the SDK manually, you can use it already, and get started in a matter of minutes, like any other Firebase SDK.

As a developer, you want to get the bottom part of the crash and, before using a crash report solution like Crashlytics, you really know how to connect your phone to your Mac and find where this error report is hidden to Android Studio, to watch the stack track.

 Firebase Crashlytics

What you really want is a crash reporting tool that can take that crash, along with all the other crashes that are happening in the wild, group them, prioritize them, give you an idea of how your app is doing stability-wise, release over release.


One great measure of that is looking at your crash-per-users statistic.So Firebase has a lot of customers who use this as a key performance indicator to know if their apps are getting more stable or less stable release over release and all these crashes prioritize them into issues and issues are ranked by the number of times they are occurring and the number of devices that they are occurring on.

Issues list

You can clearly see here the line of code that crashed, the file name, and even do things like call up interesting bits of information, like maybe this crash is only occurring on ios 11.So maybe that’s indicative of something changing in the latest release, maybe deprecated API that you’re not supposed to be using anymore.

It lets you know that maybe this crash is only occurring on rooted or jailbroken devices.

That could indicate that someone’s using your app in a way that you didn’t intend.So maybe you don’t want to fix this crash.Just a couple of quick things there to really help you know that just to get a better idea of what you’re going to be getting into in solving this crash.

Issues Detail

Now, diving even deeper, you’ll see that you get this Issue detail now you can see the full, now symbolicated or unobfuscated stack trace.

you’ll see how the crash has been trending, version by version.You can see an operating system or device breakdown.
Realtime alerting emailThe console isn’t the only place you can find out about crashes.Firebase will alert you in real time, via email, the second a new issue arises.Firebase’ll let you know when a new issue arises not only new issues but also regressed issues.

So if you close an issue, you think you’re all good and then we see that pop up on a new version, Firebase’ll let you know immediately about that.Velocity alerts are when one issue is causing a statistically significant portion of all sessions to crash.So this may indicate that you need to issue a hotfix right away or roll back because something really wrong is happening with your application and you get all this out of the box.This is with crash reporting.



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