Android Studio 3.2 : Google releases app bundle support

November 24, 2018 , , , 0 Comments

Material Design Update and Segment Support: 

The update provides access to updated Material Design widgets such as BottomNavBar, cards and buttons, along with subject compatibility and the MaterialComponents library. In addition, it provides support for App Slices, an interactive fragment of the application to show the content of the application without opening it.

New application bundle: 

this is probably the most important feature of the this. The application package is a new way to publish APKs with teeny file size, allowing quick download to end users. The new Google Play distribution method generates several APKs for different preparation devices, so when users download their software, they only receive specific device files, instead of the whole group.
Writing Power: Google always works to improve Android battery life. The new energy source generator provides accurate data for developers, so they can understand the impact of their use in battery life and make them more energy efficient.

Snapshots of the Emulator: 

Android Studio 3.2 lets you save the emulator status in the snapshot, and quickly start in any image as well. This allows developers to measure their apps and specific presets that may affect software performance.
Screenshots and casual cameras for emulator: Screen record function lets you capture your screen's video, as well as sound output. At the same time, the local area camera will help you to "see" different real-life programs, according to the ARCore platform. It will oversee how AR works work in real life.

Direct CPU Monitoring and System Monitoring: This feature enables you to record CPU activities while testing your software to be more effective with the process. Similarly, monitoring the system lets you monitor the system resources used by your app.

Check out all new features:

 you can see all the features of this update in 'Help> What's new on Android studio?'


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