How to Download YouTube Videos on Mobile

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How to Download YouTube Videos

By changing the URL of YouTube Videos
First Method – It is considered the best and easiest way to download a video by changing the URL of the YouTube video. You only need to remember a few characters for this and you can download it by putting it in the URL of the YouTube video whenever you want.
Normal URL –
Download URL –
You have to type “ss” before YouTube and click on Enter.
Now a new tab will open in front of you in which you will be asked to select the quality of the YouTube video. In this method, you can download YouTube videos up to 720p Video Quality.
How to Download YouTube Videos
Second Method – Sometimes you have to download a YouTube video as MP3 only, you can do it very easily. You have to type “vd” in the starting of URL of your YouTube video. (before youtube) and click on Enter. After this, this kind of tab will open in front of you. Click here to download the download and you will get some video quality options.
Normal URL –
Download URL –
Third Method – If you want to download the video in 1080p, then you have to type the “conv” before the URL of your YouTube video and Enter, Here you get many options such as Convert to MP3, Convert to GIF, Convert to MP4, you can download the video in 1080p as well. Apart from this, you also get the option of creating a GIF file in this method.
You can also follow these methods in your Smartphone with the help of a Chrome browser or someone else to download YouTube videos in Mobile.
How to Download YouTube Videos


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