App Development :To choose your APP IOS or Android platform.

So what platform do you have to choose – iOS or Android? If you want to earn more money and market your apps quickly, then your choice is to develop iOS mobile application. On top of that, the app development cost will be lower. Another good reason to create iOS app is that you get to understand the learning curve of new app creation. In other words, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work. It will be harder to learn this when you develop for the Android and iOS apps platforms at the same time, or just the Android platform because of the Android defragmentation issue. This would make it less profitable for you.
If you create a startup and you want your app to become successful but you don’t have a big capital for app development at the time, then creating iOS mobile app must be your choice. Because besides the lower app development costs new and interesting iOS apps attract more media attention. In other words, more people will likely be clicking on your app if it is an iOS app. On the other hand, if your target audience is in an emerging marketplace, then create Android apps instead.
Once you have made your platform choice and gotten started, you should only move on to the next platform after you’ve seen growth in revenue from your first platform. This will help you expand your reach and invest your time in creating apps for an even wider audience.

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