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Google Play ratings and reviews are very important to help users use it to integrate. Unfortunately, misleading and misleading information can spoil the believer in those estimates. Trusting trust in Google Play is a priority for us and we still work to make sure the tests and reviews we display in our store are not complicated.
There are various ways in which ratings and reviews may violate our developer guidelines:
  • Bad content: Reviews that are profane, hateful, or off-topic.
  • Fake ratings: Ratings and reviews meant to manipulate an app's average rating or top reviews. We've seen different approaches to manipulate the average rating; from 5-star attacks to positively boost an app's average rating, to 1-star attacks to influence it negatively.
  • Incentivized ratings: Ratings and reviews given by real humans in exchange for money or valuable items.
When we see these things, we act on the app as well as the review or query.
In 2018, the Google Play Trust & Safety teams used a system that enclosed human intelligence and the use of detecting devices and solving the laws in advertising and evaluation. A team of engineers and analysts carefully monitor activities that doubt the plans and reviews of the Games, and enhance the reassuring and recall of the sample at a regular time. We also regularly ask researchers to check the choices made by our exams for optimism.

It's a great job. To give you a sense of how high we are, some of the numbers from last week:

  • Millions of reviews and ratings detected and removed from the Play Store.
  • Thousands of bad apps identified due to suspicious reviews and rating activities on them.
Our team can do a lot, but we need your help to keep Google Play a safe and trusted place for apps and games.
If you're a developer, you can help us by doing the following:
  • Don't buy fake or incentivized ratings.
  • Don't run campaigns, in-app or otherwise, like "Give us 5 stars and we'll give you this in-app item!" That counts as incentivized ratings, and it's prohibited by policy.
  • Do read the Google Play Developer Policy to make sure you are not inadvertently making violations.

If you're a user, you can follow these simple guidelines as well:
  • Don't accept or receive money or goods in exchange for reviews and ratings.
  • Don't use profanity to criticize an app or game; keep your feedback constructive.
  • Don't post gibberish, hateful, sexual, profane or off-topic reviews; they simply aren't allowed.
  • Do read the comment posting policy. It's pretty concise and talks about all the things you should consider when posting a review to the public.
Finally, if you find bad ratings and reviews on Google Play, help us improve by sending your feedback! Users can mark the review as "Spam" and developers can submit feedback through the Play Console.


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