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AdMob is recognized to be the top tech-giant mobile ad network from Google. You are sure to get flawless functionality in addition to easier app integration from this mobile ad network. If you are a newbie in the mobile advertisement, AdMob is the best starting point.

Greatly advised to beginners in the mobile industry, the tool is simple to use and is much less aggressive and intrusive in comparison to other choices.

Although AdMob has been criticized for generating lower revenue than some of its competitors, the company is known for offering outstanding fill rates.  An interesting strategy may be to combine Admob with an alternative network and take advantage of a higher revenue platform, while still optimizing all available advertising spaces.

# Chartboost

A great choice for gaming apps, Chartboost offers creative solutions regarding app marketing in a professional style.
The shown ads are primarily cross promotions and targeted towards encouraging downloads of new games. Publishers usually opt for promotion of their new apps in their existing games as a powerful solution to maintain their current fan base. As their target audiences are already playing a game and are often seeking for new and fun alternatives, Chartboost ads can be very efficient in being in the right place at the right time.
Both interstitial and video ads are available on the platform and the Chartboost SDK can be easily integrated with only ten lines of code!
If you are interested in this advertising approach and are looking for an ad hoc cross promotion tool, make sure to check out Tapdaq as well.

# Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a very popular network due to the fact that it allows developers to monetize their entire player base via ads that are native to Unity-built games. The mobile ad network targets players that are most likely to be interested to try a particular game.
They offer interstitial videos, which can be rewarded or not. Integrating rewarded videos has proven to be quite a profitable strategy for some developers. If you would like to learn more about this, take a look at this informative case study:
Another great advantage of this network is that if the Unity Engine is already being used for development, no additional ad SDK is required, which makes the process as easy as possible.
Still, some users complain about the low fill rate Unity Ads provides.

# Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, known as the Audience Network, stands out for being a personal, relevant, and easy to measure platform. The company counts on targeting custom audiences, core audiences and lookalike audiences to optimize user engagement.
Facebook Ads prides themselves in having high standards for advertisers to ensure that content matches user’s’ profile and interests. Furthermore, a strict review process is also done with publishers, to ensure advertisers that their campaigns will be seen in high-quality environments.
Although the Audience Network is relatively new in the market, it has demonstrated to be a premium tool in user targeting and has shown substantial growth rates since its launch.
Fyber is a a full stack mobile SSP with an Ad Server, Exchange and Mediation products that empower thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams and serves over half a billion monthly active users globally. One of their main offers is an autopilot feature which allows developers to automatically optimize ad revenue sources, without needing to manually control the priority of mobile ad networks. Fyber’s solution managing features assist publishers to enhance direct deals and refine monetization strategy.
On the down side, some users have criticized about difficulty in initial setup and issues regarding customer service.
German group RNTS Media, Fyber’s parent company, has also purchased adtech startups Heyzap and Inneractive. Their combined expertise is sure to bring technological improvements in the near future.

# Vungle

The Vungle platform strives to boost app monetization by integrating cutting edge localized video ads. Their noteworthy Vungle Creative Labs studio counts on skilled designers, artists and filmmakers to assist advertisers to make great ads for their games. The company’s in-house video production strategy is aligned with their mission of showing  ads that mobile users will enjoy.
App Marketing via video is a key element of App Monetization. Studies showed that visitors who came to a company’s website after seeing a Vungle ad stayed significantly longer than the average user.
Still, some users claim that ad revenue is not as high as they were aiming for.


AdColony is a mobile ad network specialized in delivering innovative high-definition pre-roll videos, regardless of user’s mobile device quality or internet speed. The platform is known for driving high engagement due to rich selection and quality of ad content.
Their premium service offers interesting monetization solutions to developers and publishers, while providing advertisers with a well-targeted and responsive audience. The company’s global reach ensures advertisers the possibility of targeting users by demographic or geographic data, contributing to a higher conversion rate.
AdColony has faced complaints regarding low rates of eCPM and having users watch mandatory videos before exiting apps. However, the company who owns the mobile ad network since 2014, the Opera Group, was recently purchased by two China-based financial firms. We may expect interesting changes from them in the coming months.

# Startapp

StartApp is a mobile-only company that offers interstitial ads, 3D walls, splash and slider ads as monetization strategies. Their unique social data platform allows publishers to have a detailed outlook of their users in order to optimize and successfully execute their mobile strategies. The platform counts on smart targeting to deliver relevant ads that will consequently provide the most engaging user experience possible, while offering strong results to advertisers.
Although it can be considered to be more intrusive than traditional banner advertising, some developers claim to have achieved higher revenue rates using the Startapp network

# Revmob

Revmob ad network uses interstitial and notification style ads as a main form of monetization. Rewarded video campaigns are also offered to promote and enhance user engagement. The network is known for pulling above average eCPMs and significantly improving revenues.
The platform has a fairly simple to integrate SDK, provides support and instant analytics to users, besides being recognized for a quick payout process.

# MobileCore

MobileCore is a mobile ad network mostly focused on the Android platform. With minimal data consumption, one of their main features is AppWalls, a less intrusive take on interstitial ads. Instead of covering the full screen, AppWalls seamlessly appears to users without the aggressivity of some other competitors. Although this is an innovative approach, some developers complain that MobileCore is a standalone platform, since it may crash when combined with other networks.

# Flurry

Flurry sets itself apart from competitors by relying on a cutting edge analytics system that enables publishers to track and monitor a portfolio of apps distributed on different stores. The platform allows for in depth performance analysis and successfully measures consumer conversion metrics.
For those who are interested in testing and optimizing ad campaigns, Flurry shows great potential for high revenues with their extensive analytics features.

# AppLovin

AppLovin can be quite an interesting tool if you are interested in user analysis. This mobile ad network allows you to filter users by country and track fill rates and eCPM. To maximize app monetization and earning, AppLovin allows publishers to choose their desired mix of advertising formats. They are able to choose the combination that works best for their app format, while creating a one of a kind experience for the user. Besides that, the company is recognized and praised for having quick and efficient monthly payouts.

# Millennial Media

Millennial Media provides varied deals to mobile developers, including not only advertising services, but promotion and publishing offers as well. The platform is recognized for their intelligence and research data features.  The mobile ad network is easy to use and acts as a marketplace where advertisers compete for publishers’ ad space inventory by category.  Publishers are also given the ability to cross promote their apps. Due to their flexibility, some experts say Millennial Media is a great combination of monetization and advertising for mobile apps.
Although the network’s ads may be considered somewhat intrusive, the company is known for above average revenue rates.

# Ogury

Ogury is a premium mobile ad network known for precision in targeting technology. The company believes that better targeting leads to better campaign results, which consequently mean improved app monetization. Ogury’s advertisers are exclusively composed of superior brands, guaranteeing a minimum eCPM. Still, their detailed proprietary data from more than 250 million global users can be very beneficial to publishers of apps targeted to premium audiences.


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