Sports Fantasy App : Where You Can Play Fantasy Sports

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List of Cricket Fantasy App :

# DREAM 11

Dream11 is a fantasy cricket website where you can earn real cash in your bank account. All you need to do is just use your passion into the tactic.

All you need to do is go to Dream11 login page

# TEAM 11

MyTeam11 is another app like Dream11 that works on the basis of fantasy cricket leagues where the user can create their teams for earning money.

For every match you can create your team of 11 players who you think will be best in that game and can help you earn more points.

go to Team11 login page


halaplay app download for android

Halaplay is an app like Dream11 which not only focus on cricket fantasy but also football and kabaddi. Here many users are showing interest since not everyone has knowledge about cricket players but can have about football or kabaddi players.

Halaplay offers you to earn money by investing in paid fantasy cricket leagues where you have to create your own team. When match starts and your player does something good then you will be rewarded with points.

# Lagaan11

Catching the concept of movie Lagaan, this apps focuses mainly on getting something by showing your talent of cricket knowledge and utilizing it perfectly.

This app has the same functionality as Dream11, where you are required to create a team of 11 players chosen from both teams.
goto lagaan11


Fanmojo is an app like Dream11 which offers little different concept in terms of choosing your players for fantasy cricket.
You can select a total of 5 batsmen from both teams, a captain and a vice-captain can be set according to your preference.
goto fanmojo.


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