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January 23, 2019 , , 0 Comments

We are happy to start the new year with a stable version of the updated and upgraded Android studio 3.3. You can download it today from Many of you have relied on our beliefs to our great conclusions. The purpose is to present Android Studio products for Android applications.

Since the last robust version, Android Studio 3.3 has responded to over 200 bugs reported by users. This release also includes improved incremental Java rendering, as well as official support for the navigation editor, annotation processors, C ++ controllers, a new project wizard, and customised edits for any performance improvement.

Android Studio 3.3 starts the broader quality focus area for the year, As a Project Marble.

At the heart of the Android project announced at the Android Developer Summit in November 2018, the Android Studio team focuses on the core features and flow of Solid Solid State Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), and has an advanced and explainable user who is critical to the development of the application in your daily workflow. The Marble project focuses specifically on reducing the number of crashes, hangings, memory capacity, and errors affecting users. We also invest in measuring our infrastructure to avoid these problems. Continue with more innovations and details when we move on to this initiative.

  • Navigation Editor
  • IntelliJ 2018.2.2 Platform Update
  • Kotlin 1.3.11 Update
  • Clang-Tidy Support for C++
  • New Project Wizard update
  • Delete Unused IDE Directories
  • IDE User Feedback

  • Navigation Editor - The navigation design is a view to build XML feeds that support the new Jetpack Navigator Component. You can create interactive conversations in the Publisher and Design component of your application in screenshots and content regions. This editor is already planned for Android Studio, but we keep this feature in order to improve the quality of our comments based on quality. Thank you for the collaborators.
Navigation Editor
  • IntelliJ Platform Update - Android Studio 3.3 includes Intellij 2018.2.2. This is a significant platform release from Jetbrains, with new previews for the code editor, updated icons, MacBook Touch Bar support, plus enhanced version control integrations. 
  • Kotlin Update - This version of Android Studio packages supports Kotlin 1.3.11, with support for Kotlin links and contracts, as well as IDE support for the Kotlin codelist method.

  • Clang-Tidy Support for C++ - Android Studio now has support for Clang-Tidy for C++ static code analysis. Similar to the current lint support for Java and Kotlin in Android Studio, Clang-Tidy helps those who have C++ in their Android app identify common coding errors and bugs. Enable the inspection by going to Settings → Editor → Inspections (Preference → Editor → Inspections for MacOS.
Clang-Tidy Code Inspection Settings
  • New Project Wizard update - In order to support a range of device types, programming languages, and a new framework, we have updated the wizard for a new project in Android Studio. You can get access to the same project proposals to simplify the user experience.
New Project Wizard
  • Delete Unused IDE Directories - We've added a new feature to help improve the latest version of Android Studio, unleash settings and cache directories. Earlier versions of Android studio have struggled to find and remove these old records and access them on your hard drive.When you first run Android Studio 3.3 and higher, the new dialog suggests directories that you can safely remove from past installations of Android Studio.
Delete Unused Directories Dialogue
  • IDE User Feedback - To help us to create a better product, we have started to include in-product sentiment buttons for quick feedback. For those who opt-in to sharing usage data, feel free to click on the icon that suits your sentiment while using Android Studio. To opt-in to give in-product feedback go to Settings → Appearance & Behavior → System Settings → Data Sharing ( Preferences → Appearance & Behavior → System Settings → Data Sharing for MacOS).
IDE User Feedback


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